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ADH, vasopressin

Name ADH, vasopressin
Categories endocrinology
Additional testing Osmolality and ADH are determined.
Specimen requirements 2 ml of EDTA plasma, deep-frozen
2 ml of serum
Collection instructions We recommend filling an extra tube when sampling.
Procedure remarks Due to strong circadian fluctuations, determine the osmolality in the serum at the same time; no coffee, tee, or nicotine before blood sampling; discontinue medications 48 hours beforehand where applicable.
Storage and transport sample transport, deep-frozen
Clinical utility suspicions of diabetes insipidus as further diagnostics for polyuria and polydipsia after excluding diabetes mellitus
Methodology RIA (radioimmunoassay)
Reference ranges See findings report
Determining serum osmolality at the same time is necessary to assess the results.
Diagnostic recommendation Always determine sulpiride as well.
Remarks Testing currently takes place in a contract laboratory