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cadmium in the urine

Name cadmium in the urine
Categories clinical chemistry
Specimen requirements 10 ml of urine
Storage and transport postal dispatch possible
Clinical utility Determination of the current cadmium exposure; diagnosis of cadmium intoxication
Methodology ICP-MS
Reference ranges < 0.80 µg/L,
higher value among smokers
Notes and interpretation The cut-off values are based on the nephrotoxic effect of cadmium. Smokers are considered exposed.
Cadmium is used as a stabiliser in PVC products, in red or yellow pigmentation, metal coatings in automotive construction, in batteries and in electronic products. Occupational exposure is mainly inhalational.
Chronic cadmium intoxication may cause the following symptoms: chronic impairment of renal function, proteinuria, inflamed degeneration of the nasal mucosa, hyposmia, yellow rings on the teeth, cachexia, and damage to the reproductive cells
Remarks Testing currently takes place in a contract laboratory