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lactose tolerance test

Name lactose tolerance test
Categories function test
Additional testing glucose in the plasma
Specimen requirements NaF/citrate blood
Collection instructions Take the first blood sample with the patient fasting.
Procedure remarks 1. Take baseline blood sample (NaF/citrate blood) after 12 hours without food intake
2. Administer 50 g of lactose in 400 ml of tea or water (4 g of lactose/kg body weight for infants, 2 g of lactose/kg body weight for 2 years and up)
3. Take additional blood samples after 30, 60, 90 and 120 min
Clinical utility suspicions of innate or acquired lactose intolerance (milk and dairy products)
Methodology photometry
Setup schedule and duration Mon. - Fri.
Reference ranges See findings report
Notes and interpretation An increase in blood glucose of > 1.11 mmol/l or > 20 mg/dl and the absence of gastrointestinal symptoms speaks against lactose intolerance.
Diagnostic sensitivity: 75 % (with a specificity of 83 %).
To rule out malabsorption, the test can be repeated with 25 g glucose or galactose each time.