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LH-RH test (GnRH test)

Name LH-RH test (GnRH test)
Specimen requirements serum
Procedure remarks Measure the baseline value;
take 2 blood samples at an interval of approx. 15 min, followed by IM administration of 5000 units of HCG as bolus (e.g. Pregnesin or Predalone), slow IV administration of LH-RH (e.g. Ferring), relefact (e.g. from Höchst), GnRH (e.g. from Serono):
Women: 25 µg,
Men: 100 µg
Blood samples taken:
LH: Women: 25 min,
Men: 30 min,
FSH: Women: 45 min,
Men: 30 min
Discontinue sexual hormone substitution at least 3 weeks beforehand.
Clinical utility hypogonadism, ovarian insufficiency, amenorrhoea, severe oligomenorrhoea, late puberty, anterior hypophyseal lobe insufficiency;
differentiation between a secondary (hypophyseal) and a tertiary (hypothalmic) cause.
suspicions of testicular insufficiency, ovarian insufficiency