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metanephrines in the plasma

Name metanephrines in the plasma
Categories endocrinology
Additional testing Determined are free metanephrine and free normetanephrine.
With regard to fluctuations and detection, we recommend determining the metanephrines in the urine (from 24-hour urine).
Specimen requirements 2 ml of EDTA plasma, deep-frozen
Collection instructions Before the blood sample is taken, avoid stressful situations; blood should only be taken after resting (lying flat) for approx. 30 minutes; as far as possible all medications should be stopped approx. 1 week before sampling; avoid the following for 3 days before the blood sample is taken: cocoa, coffee, tea, chocolate, nuts, citrus fruit and products containing vanilla. No nicotine intake. Avoid mental and physical stress. Where possible avoid the use of: nitroglycerine, alpha-mehyldopa, monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOIs), tricyclic antidepressants, L-dopa, calcium antagonists, theophylline, nasal drops, bronchodilators, appetite suppressors, cough medicine.
Procedure remarks Take the blood sample after approx. 30 min with the patient resting and lying down;
freeze immediately after centrifuging.
Storage and transport deep-frozen transport and storage
Clinical utility suspicions of phaeochromocytoma, neuroblastome, hypertension
Methodology LCMS
Reference ranges See findings report
Remarks Testing currently takes place in a contract laboratory