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vitamin D-25 (calcidiol)

Name vitamin D-25 (calcidiol)
Specimen requirements 2 ml of serum
Collection instructions Blood sampling in the months of January to April are particularly ideal for the diagnosis of a vitamin D deficiency due to the reduced exposure to sunlight.
Procedure remarks Take the blood sample in the morning, with the patient fasting.
Clinical utility malabsorption, chronic kidney failure, osteomalacia, CFS, growth disorder in children, muscle weakness and bone pain in elderly people, fractures, calcium and phosphate metabolism disorders
Methodology CLIA (chemiluminescence immunoassay)
Setup schedule and duration Mon - Fri
Reference ranges deficiency: < 10 ng/ml,
insufficient supply: 10-30 ng/ml,
sufficient supply: 30-100 ng/ml
toxic: > 100 ng/ml