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vitamin D-1,25 (calcitriol)

Bezeichnung vitamin D-1,25 (calcitriol)
Probenmaterial 2 ml of serum
Abnahmehinweise Blood sampling in the months of January to April are particularly ideal for the diagnosis of a vitamin D deficiency due to the reduced exposure to sunlight.
Probentransport protection from light,
Samples must be transported refrigerated if possible
Klinische Indikationen hypercalcaemia through sarcoidosis, hypercalciuria of unclear origin, vitamin D-dependent rachitis, renal insufficiency, malabsorption, osteomalacia
Methode CLIA
Ansatztage Mon. - Fri.
Referenzbereiche Adults: 30-80 ng/l,
Adults > 50: 25-60 ng/l,
Pregnant women: 40-130 ng/l,
Children: 40-100 ng/l
Diagnostische Empfehlungen also recommended:
parathormone, intact and vitamin D-25 (calcidiol)